Physical Memory Dump???


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8 Jan 2004
I turn my system off every night and when my pc is first turned on the next day applications will suddenly shut down by itself and I am unable to reopen then, shortly after the first application closes I get a Blue Screen with a huge message ending by stating something about a Physical Memory Dump.

What is a Physical Memory Dump and how do I fix this?

After getting this Blue Screen error I reboot my pc and all is fine for the duration that it's turned on.
A physical memory dump is just that, it is a dump of the contents of ram at the time of a crash, usefull to almost noone except maybe some uber geeks who use it to debug program crashes.

Go to System Properties - Advanced - Startup & Recovery Settings then change "Write Debugging Information" to NONE, this will stop memory dumps, and uncheck Automatically Restart.

Now you should get BSOD with a stop message and can help to determine the actual cause of your problem.

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