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Physical Dump Error Randomly

Hi All

I have just Put in some new ram 512mb to be infact, i used just to hav 2x 255mb now i hav that plus 512mb giving me 1000mb ram, however when im playin some games or been on the internet over 3 hrs my comp just used to carryon as normal untill it came to shut down then i got a blue screen sayin Physical Dump Error, i could cope wit that, But since i put this 512mb in aswell i get blue screens at random, all Physical Dump errors? usually when im on the net or playin C&C Generals? i restarted my comp and sent the reoprt to MS Last nite an they sed it was my Smlink Drivers that caused the one that happens wen i shutdown, and fair enough the drivers fixed it but today i got 3 Blue Screens? so i Went inside my comp and swapped over the slots the ram were in, so now its 512,256,256 n i havnt had one in a while.....

I take it the errors r ram Related?

Also ms doesnt know wat my problem is when i send the report.

Pls Help
So is it my 512mb ram? or is it all of it? i can hav the 2x 256 replaced via warranty n i can take 512mb bk to pc world, i think i should do both, is it a ram prob tho or a os?

Pls Help


You need to download a utility called MEMTEST86, it creates a boot disk that runs the best memory checking utility I have seen. To test which stick is bad pull the memory a test one stick at a time. If all the memory tests good in the first slot try different slots just to make sure you don't a bad memory slot.
I Removed my 2x 256's n ive had no problems wat so ever, so its gota b one of them, im gona test um druing the week, n then get another 512 :)

Bugger looks as tho it is that 512 i brought cos it crash again however im gona check the other rams 2

Where can i get MEMTEST86?


Yes, I am sure it will work with your system and this test is what is going to help determine if it is memory or OS or other problems.

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