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php x64 windows2003 - need help

Dark Atheist

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anyone here know how to compile php and all its extensions for x64 on windows 2003/08 ?

don't really want to use the unofficial versions that are floating about as you can never be too sure, so would like to do it myself.

i download vs 2008 express but it still seems only to want to use a x86 compiler instead of x64

Dark Atheist

Staff member
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i only have 2003 to test on atm - i got fastcgi from iis forum but it still requires php, so it says and that's only built as x86, don't know why php bods haven't built x64 version yet :(

will prob look at it when i get back from hols will need to go to bed soon as i have to be up early in the morning


Bow Down to the King
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Ah, I am confused, I thought FastCGI was the way to do it. I didn't know you needed more than that to make PHP run on IIS.

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