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[PHP, RSS, more?] Help for my blog


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Before I start, I appreciate anyone's help and time invested in reading this, let alone potential coding help.

Here is roughly what I need....

I have a forum at IPB, which I haven't fully setup yet. I would like my blog, located at www.derekrose.net to update the postings from my IPB, to the main page. I would assume RSS is easiest, my only concern would be having to store credentials somewhere. Maybe you have a better way? The reason why I want to use the forum style is because I have alot of stuff offline with pictures, how-to and tweak articles mostly, and it's easier to type them into IPB.

Next, I'd like to have the blog RSS to my OSNN sig, as you already know, and perhaps you could design a pic for me? :) I have read guides on this briefly, posted by Geffy and others, but I simply don't know code, and wouldn't know how to use it without learning. I simply don't have the time right now and I need this working

Lastly, and again, I dont know if this is a lot of work since I'm not sure what is involved, but I would like my left and right columns to RSS by titles, say within categories. An example would be "last 10 windows xp articles", "last 10 reviews", etc. No body text, just title of article.

I really appreciate it....


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I'm not very clear on what you want to do. If you want to get a feed from your IPB forum, have it parsed, and displayed on your blog, there are already Wordpress plugins for that so you would have to do very little coding. If you want to display your blog posts somewhere else, there are also existing libraries so that coding would be minimal.

You can also use services to parse all the data for you and just give you what you want. You will of course have to stylize it yourself.

Here are some links:


Choose your poison. :)


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so far, out of those, rss-to-javascript seems the best. But it gives it to me as a javascript, so I still can't put that in my sig! Argh!

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