PHP Noobie Skum...

Erm, Help....

Im trying to run a program called gallery on my Website from here
but im having a nightmare with it.

I realise that i need PHP installed as a pre-requisite, but being an absolute PHP noob who's used nothing but Windows/DOS all his life i dont have a clue what to do.

My Webswite is hosted by Web-Mania, runs Apache, and i have permission to run CGI and PHP on my server. When i log on, I have a directory called CGI and thats it. So how do i "upload" PHP to my server - do i just FTP it on? Also, when the install script bangs on about changing this Ini file in your windows directory or add this to your PATH variable - how the hell do i do that? I suspect that i need some deeper access to my "Server" and have requested telnet be switched on - is this the right First step? But im like a blind man in a dark alley on a foggy day wandering aimlessly from clueless idea to clueless idea.



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Telnet = bad stuff, ask for SSH

Second, when they want you to add stuff to your path variable, just ask your host, they should be able to do it for you.

Third, just unpack the PHP files, read the README as most of the times it will include what you need to upload and how to get it working.


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most of the times its like this:
- unpack the zip with the php files
-edit some php files like conf.php/config.php/admin.php with notepad
- then upload everything to your ftp
- again RTFM to see if you need to do some chmod stuff with your ftp proggie
- Then browse to

thats pretty much the basic **** of PHP, im still learning 2 only things i have done is setting up a invision board and a php upload center and a php mailing list
Thanks for the help guys - i've cracked it thought. My provider already had PHP installed for me so i only needed to run up the Gallery and run the setup on it. Which, unbelieveably concidering i had'nt had a clue about this stuff before about 3pm today, is WORKING!!!

Oh, 1 more thing..

X-Istence you say telnet is bad - is this cause it transmits the password insecurely? If so i also have SSH according to my contact - so would that mean that its likely to be already installed, in which case how do i "use" SSH. Or do i need to install something?



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Virtually the same way as you use telnet, just that windows doesn't have its own ssh client, either google for "putty", its a simple client that most people start with, or try the client from :)


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SSH is more secure as everything you send to and anything from the server is encrypted, especially passwords. This allows for more secure transmissions, and its not as suspectable to attacks.

Its strange a host would even open up Telnet.
I have an option to enable telnet - but nothing for SSH, if i use putty it allows me to connect but dosent accept my passwords - do i need telnet enabled to use SSH?
Look, i realise that sounded dumb, but i had a valid reason for asking. I sent a mail to my Host about that and this is what he sent back, obviously in an i can't be F***ed amount of time.


the wording in the control centre may be a little off, but if we tried to explain it fullyh most users would get lost, basically it is not telnet access but shell access that you can use either telnet or ssh so you need to have the telnet access enabled.

So you see why im confused.

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