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[php/mysql] Link Directory scripts?

Ok, i am not a coder and probably will never be. I dont have the patience really.

I need a script, i have looked around php.res.idx and hotscripts but cant find something other than scripts that cost money or are far to complicated for what i want.

This is the spec. I am setting up a links directory, like what you find on Yahoo!, Google, dmoz etc. What i want/need is a simple form with the following fields; "name" , "email address", "website url" ,"category" (option drop box) "description".
Then on submit i want the details stored into a mySQL database along with the IP of the user who entered the details.

Then, i want a clickable link to be displayed on my index page like this.
thekore.co.uk; osnn.net; bit-quest.com; google.com; aol.com
they will also need to be displayed into their appropriate categories :s

for a possibly a better idea of what i mean visit here.

Now i really have no idea how to do this or even start this. Can anyone help me?

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