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PHP MVC Tutorial series

Those of you looking to take steps towards MVC development with PHP may want to take a look at the following tutorial I found linked from nettuts:

CodeIgniter and Doctrine from scratch.Day 1 – Install and Setup. | PHP and Stuff

It details how to integrate Doctrine which is a database ORM much like ActiveRecord is in Ruby on Rails to the CodeIgniter MVC framework. Doctrine thereby replaces the M part of the CodeIgniter stack. From my reading around Doctrine appears to be one of (if not) the best ORM libraries for PHP at the moment.



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I personally prefer the Zend Framework for my PHP MVC development, check out the quickstart: Zend Framework

I find that it is cleaner, generally uses less resources and contains everything I need and I can leave out what I don't need. It doesn't have the same CRUD type of functionality but for most things I have found it unnecessary.
IMO Zend is too loose for people just getting started out in PHP MVC. A stricter framework such as CI may be better for starting out. It's not hard to adapt later on.

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