[PHP] Get the page where the script is loaded from.


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Is there any way for a PHP script to see where it is loaded from? For example, the script in my signature is loaded from a different server than NTFS.org, is there a function or something available in PHP that can tell the script it is loaded from NTFS.org?


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pol.co.uk is actually the energis network whom freeserve use servers from. I'm sure that other ISP's also use the energis network. So your script was originally correct in suggesting that pol.co.uk was the ISP, as it's the network Heny is connecting via.

With regards to the question, if I understood correctly, just use the referrer variable.


I may actually be insane.
Oh, but be warned that some builds of IE do not send a referrer header, therefore you'll need a default "Don't know" value :)

Also some internet security and firewall software will block it from being sent, again, possibly only in IE, but possibly also in third party browsers.


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i'm not using mozilla i use ie6 :p

don't think you can do much about my isp it says btopenworld, but im btinternet, i have the feeling thats the way things are with that as i never see btinternet come up on any of those lil apps to tell us what we already know :)


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I am working on that, Zedric ;) I am currently building a script that should do just that. All you need is Winamp 2.x or higher (not 3) and music :)


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The script is done, I am now writing a guide on how to set up the DoSomething plugin.
Does anyone know of other plugins like DoSomething, which can send out costumized URLs whenever a song changes? This is for people who use other players than Winamp.


I may actually be insane.
suppose you'd have to check the relevant site's for the players...

Also you can grab my guide that I wrote over at X-Istence.com and alter it .. will save you time ;) :D

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