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php debugging tools


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I'm going a bit nuts with an add on module for the Chyrp blog platform that I had working and now refuses not only to work, but to display any prints or code errors that i throw in to attempt debugging! Just wondering if there is any particular tool or technique others might use which could help me make progress since I am temporarily stumped.

And no WP comments please Lord! :p


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
a very good question X - Lord is being reticent about the hosting... some data mysteriously disappeared last night - and the move to the new server was announced retrospectively - so this is my first line of enquiry indeed!

Oh yes, and I overlooked a .htaccess readwrite entry which sure messed with my head until I found it. Reps for asking the right question (and for not mentioning WP nor VO!). :p

Errrr - where's the rep button gone! Bring it back EP Buzcorps nonsense is well finished, surely!

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