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what the hell are these things? Over the past years i still dont know them what they are and what they do. and the embarsing thing about this is that i'v been working with sites alot of times with html. nows the time to tell me these things.
CGI: As I've gathered, basicly anything server-side. Often perl.

Perl: Script language. C-like (I think). The structure is "normal" program code and the output made by printing out strings.

PHP: Script language. Very C-like. The structure is somewhat different from Perl. PHP is more like a normal HTML page but with the PHP code "stuck in" inside <? ?>-tags. Very usefull and easy IMO.

ASP: Like PHP but with VB-style code. <% %>-tags.

There are more languages you can use if you want to, but these are the most common. All the above are executed "server-side", which means the client (browser) only sees plain HTML. This makes for better browser compatibility since they don't have to support, for instance, PHP.

I hope this wasn't too much of a mess. :)
dang it and here I thought u was paying somebody to type all this mess.

somebody please tell me where the "any" key is would you ??



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lol da "any" key. thats would be cool if they had it on a keyboard.
btw zedric thnxs for your help. I'll probably learn PHP first.

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