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my 30 day free trial of photoshop 7.0 just ran out and i can't use it anymore. i tried uninstallin it and downloadin it again but it still says trial expired. somebody told me that i have to reformat my OS to keep usin it but i don't know how. can somebody please tell me how?


Personally, I'm not going to discuss methods on how to defeat their trial software.

I only wanted to comment that if you're willing to format your drive each time to re-use the software, you're nuts.

Either go out and drop the money on the software, find an easier workaround (which won't be discussed here), or go find competing software that is much cheaper.

My guess is you will not utilize 70% of Photoshops features, meaning you don't need software so robust. So really, lower cost software from other companies is probably your best bet.

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Gotta agree with Herkalees on this one. You don't want to be formating every 30 days just to keep using photoshop. There are plenty of free programs available that will probably do all you want to do. Formating without reallly knowing anything about it is asking for trouble.


I use PSP 7 myself. Paint Shop Pro 7 has just about all the features of Photoshop at a cost of under $100 (or at least features that the average user will want or need). I got mine for $70 and it includes Animation Shop as well. Most of the plugins for Photoshop work in PSP 7 as well and there is great support on the net for PSP 7 ...........

Jasc Software

Shop around for the best price, I got mine from a local chain store.


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Adobe Photoshop's features are best suited to the professional expert such as full time digital photographers, web graphics designers or Desktop Publishing editors who need to use all the features to produce the best result in their work.

Paint Shop Pro 7, or I think there is a scaled down version of Photoshop produced by Adobe (can't remember the name offhand) suits the home user better and are both significantly cheaper to purchase if you like to casually manipulate images or do most graphics work.

Having said that, if you work for a DTP/web graphics design company and they have the budget to buy Photoshop maybe you could ask your manager for a purchase order as the price for companies is more reasonable.


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I believe Photoshop Elements is what you are thinking of Dublex, that's what I used to use before I stumbled onto a copy of Photoshop 6,:rolleyes: and I could do everything I need to do with Photoshop Elements, so I don't know why I've still got Photoshop 6 on here using up resources.:confused:


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Yes, it was elements I was thinking of :) I remember reading it in UK based PC Format magazine a few months ago and as I have a general interest in web design / graphics / web coding it stuck in my memory, even though I forgot the name :)

It was suggested that Elements was is a base platform for people who wanted to move onto Photoshop however. It still has most elements that people will find useful though.


Photoshop Elements actually is at least 90% the same as the big Photoshop for about 10% of the price. If you look out you can get a top quality scanner, bundled with Photoshop Elements and still save about 500$/€ compared to the price of Photoshop 7 alone.
Unless you are a professional graphics designer you probably won't miss anything.


first i would like to thank the one person that actually helped me, they know who they are. ill give yall a hint, it wasnt none of yall. but dont tell me how to pick names on here, im a grown ass man, i can do that damn name thang however i want. im in college and i dont have money to spend on things that arent for class. and yall dont know what im usin this program for. and postin a message sayin that yall aint gonna comment on how to do what i wanted done is a waste of yalls time and mine. i hope yall enjoyed that small sample of my ignorance, if you want to see more post another message.:)


I may actually be insane.
The question you asked was essentially asking for illegal software, so don't get bítchy because some of us have morals.


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Well i have ps elements. I have Ulead PhotoImpact 8 upgrade and all the Ulead plugins , smart saver, web, video and anything yall can think of they released.

I got PSP 7.o4 anv edition also.

I have Jasc aftershot too.

I have Image composer. Ulead PhotoExplorer version 7.

I give you a tip illegal software user. Some of us work dam hard to support our families, pay rents/mrtgages bills, council tax, and feed and clothe ourselves.

You are the reason they hype up the prices.

Now lamer I suggest you go e-mail Adobe and ask for their 75% off edition for parents/kids/students/teachers etc..

Don't come here dissin people that do have morals and answer your questions honestly. (Gawd I am being *****y huh).

Now also with ulead products you can get the upgrades as long as you have full versions of other products, so I had version 5 of PI came free on a coverdisk, upgraded to version 6 and 7 now 8.

I got all the other applications in various upgrades because I had qualifying products.

So I bothered shopping around read their upgrade policy and bingo saved £600 instead of paying out £900 for teh full versions.

I got photoshop elements for £20 from a second hand computer store as a second user product.

I got PSP 7.04 for £45 from PC world.(1/2 price for waiting and shopping around!)

I got Jask after shot premium version 1.03 for £20 1/3 the price digital workshop were asking for, for buying it online at PC world.

I use some of these my gf has some of them licensed to her laptop.

I have what I am licensed for on my PC she has PSP Elements and a few of the Ulead stuff on hers, as she is the artist not me. I suck ass at ART.

It is people like you that steal...Like when I go to buy food for our family I ask why have prices rissen..Shop keeper says to cover thefts as lamers push his insurance up.

Now thanks an effing lot lamer.

O.K. I am done hope people get the point.

I did read that adobe were whinning the other day about piracy.

Well they send their software to the middle east. Where they say it is cheaper to be put on disk, boxed packed licenced and sent to stores or home and business users.

They found the people doing this for them were making heaps for themselves and selling them on around the world to criminals.

The criminals would sell them at trade fairs, computer fairs, asian and middle eastern streets for a few $$$.

Well dude I guess you will be Adobe's new vice presdent.

You will ask for them to include a .txt/info file on how to get a trial to restart. lol.

Now think, these guys are most correct.

I when asked by Suzie my girl for photoshop 8, I will apply through the right channels and get it not for £600 but for £150 as she is a school teacher and will use it for the kids in her class to do stuff.

Well cool big up to all the good people that keep us from ending up being butchered in prices.

Regards Leevoy:)))))

I got


i see you people are enjoyin my ignorance. first the other person that sent me a private message, thanks. i owe you. now like i was sayin, postin a message basically say "im just lettin you know that im too much of a goody two shoes to tell you how to do what you want" is a waste of my time and theirs. all they had to do was not respond. speak proper english? like i said im a grown ass man. ill talk however the hell i want to. to whoever posted that long-ass borin post, i dont care what programs you got, wear you got them, or how much you paid. you act like you wouldn't take somethin if you knew how to get it for free. i would apologize and say im havin a bad day but that aint tru. its cold and snowin so i get to wear my favorite coat, im seein fly ass honeys left and right, and christmas and my birthday is comin up. life is good.


Well, I've read all the replies to your original question, NONE of them seemed to insult you. Why are you getting defensive?

I think all who replied helped the best they could by explaining your alternatives without telling you how or where to crack the program. That info is left for other websites.

Now it's time for my ignorance, because I feel we did nothing to deserve yours...

Ahem: None of us give a crap about your life, you need to grow up, and if your in college, learn to spell.

P.S. A simple "thanks for the replies" while you found what you really needed somewhere else would've been a bit more mature.


What comes to my mind - Will someone who has so little knowledge about computers and software, someone who thinks he can simply reinstall a trial version of a 1000$ software, who is not able to find a crack of one of the most pirated programs on his own, someone who isn't able to read forum guidelines, will such a guy be able to use all the features of Photoshop? Try Paint!


im not bein defensive im being ignant with a small dash of ghetto. now you may ask why am i actin like this, well ill tell you. 1st cause its fun and 2nd like lil flip said, i can do that. i didnt give a crap about the programs that other person got and he told anyway. and i know how to spell but its more fun like this. and i could easily do the mature thing and thank those people in private messages but bein mature isnt all that fun sometimes.


i kno i could get a copy off kazaa but the college im at wont allow us to download off it until after midnight. i have things to do too early in the mornin to stay up that late except on the weekend and im too impatient to wait that long. and you dont kno what i use in photoshop so dont be tellin me to use paint.


Ok this is no longer a useful conversation. PleaseHelpMe if you enjoy acting like a child you might want to go somewhere else. Several people tried to help you and give you alternative suggestions and you trash them. If you cant follow the Forum Guidelines you should go elsewhere.


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