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Photoshop problem - please help!



Just out of curiousity, I am wondering if anyone has this problem:

When I use any tool in Photoshop (Lasso, Brush, Eraser, etc) for more than about 15 seconds or so, all of my menus/toolbars go blank - they turn white - the tool continues to function, and as soon as I release the mouse button, everything is back to normal.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

thanks / mavis

ps this happened on two completely different PCs, using both PS 6.0 and PS 7.0 on both machines


This is as close to helping as I can come...

I don't think I've ever held down the mouse button that long while using a Photoshop filter [I'm lazy :) ], I do have that problem in Flash 5. When I'm running the Trace Bitmap function, the toolbar and panels go away.

Very weird. (Sorry I didn't have an answer, but figured you'd feel better if you weren't the only one!)

Good luck


Nissan Powered
if u have a legit copy of photoshop (which u need to be rich to own 600 bucks what is that?!) u can get the update 7.1 fixes that issue.


Originally posted by Krux
if u have a legit copy of photoshop (which u need to be rich to own 600 bucks what is that?!) u can get the update 7.1 fixes that issue.
But why would ver. 6 and 7 both have this issue? That would be rather strange.

Ass Clown

It is actually a stupid refresh problem with Nvidia. at least thats where i notice it. i never saw that problem untill i put a geforce 3 in my computer. i used to have a voodoo 5 and before that a voodoo 3. It does it on multiple programs, and yes, i bought photoshop, and yes i have the update, and no it wasn ot addressed correctly. may have something to do with refresh, but i dont know, just know your not the only one that is experiencing the retardedness;)


i use ps 6 on an xp home with an ATI card. i do use the filters for a long time, sometimes up to a minute, and ive never ahd that prob

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