Photoshop/Illustrator/PaintShopPro Support - Help, Tutorials, Setting etc

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Photoshop Support - Help, Tutorials, Setting etc

This thread is for questions that you may have reguarding Photoshop/Illustrator/Paint Shop Pro

Please DO NOT request images.
Right. I will get the ball rolling then.

Where do I find a tutorial for PSP?? I want to make an avatar and a sig. I have the pics I want to use (version 1 anyway). I just saw Razerback's sig and I have decided to make something similar to that re: colours (colors). Where can I find a tute? Or, can Sboulema or razer post some tips.

Google works pretty good. Type "PSP tutorials", enter. Get about 100 diff tutorials to choose from there :)
Yeah had a look about at some and they are about how to join a webring, couldn't find out how to browse the webring though.

your best bet would be trial and error. If you get stuck with something we can help but I dont think we can do a step by step of how to make a sig or avatar since its more of a personal thing. Adding and editing images can be complicated thing.
You can request a sig or avatar in the Themes and Graphics thread and supply the images you want used by you wont learn anything new. Give it a shot and ask specific 'How do I do this or that' and maybe we can point you in the right direction.
Well, here is version one. Couldn't do the colour fade like I wanted on the dragon though (See Razer's dragon. *Drool*)

Used chrome text from Here and just hot waxed and eroded the dragon then resized it.



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Geocities doesnt allow hot linking... attach it
its all blurred... the dragon image needs focus. What graphics proggie did you use??
PSP5. I did that deliberately. As funny as it seems, it looked good when it was big.

Hmm. BBS

I dont understand... what are you trying to do.... remember I am old, so be as specific as possible. :D
LOL. Old?? I am just playing at the moment. Looking to make myself a sig, but trying to teach myself PSP first and foremost.

Thanks PK. I have my thoughts in order now so I have v2 up and running.

Razer: What did you do to get that effect on the dragon??

LOL, I think I just did newbie job on it.
Nothing really special, using PS7, I downloaded a free style called Flashdance. Applied it to a picture of the dragon, fooled around with a couple of layers, getting the bevel/coloring/glow just right. This is what I came up with.
Thanks. You don't mind if I use that same scheme??

Where can I get that flashdance style RazerBack? :)
dont forget to disect what Flashdance style does after you use it...only way to learn PS7/PScs :)
i need to ask a quick question (pretty noobish one at that), how do i get an image centered in a wallpaper. thanks in advance.

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