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Photoshop and Out of Memory Error


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I am new to this so give me a break if I screw something up. Life stinks when yer technology ain't workin properly. I live in the mountains of NC and run trails and mountain bike at night. I am also a very talented visual artist. Never ridden the mountain trails under a full moon? Try it. Anyway, I'm here more for advice than entertainment. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. My problem for all you Einsteins out there. I am running Photoshop 7.0 on an Intel PC with XP with 4 gig of RAM. When I go to save a relatively small picture file -under 30meg-I get an out of memory message from Photoshop. When I do the exact same thing in PS 7.0 on my other PC/XP that is only running 1 gig of RAM it does the job just fine. I cannot see any difference in the settings I have in Photoshop between the two different computers, but there has to be a problem with some setting or configuration of the first computer. Can anyone help with this? Thanks -Perrin
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thread moved and title modified

Hi perrin.. welcome to the forum. I moved your post to start it's own thread in the Windows Applications section where it will, hopefully, get more looks than in the "introduce yourself thread"


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do you have more than one HD on the 4gb box, if so try moving the scratch disk to that box by going to...

open ps7

goto > edit/preferences/plug-ins & scratch disks

make the 1st scratch disk go to your 2nd HD (i hope you have one).

If it is a memory issues this will solve it.
This is what I was going to suggest, what I tend to do is have an external drive dedicated to photoshop and use it as a scratch disc. I have never had any issues with errors from Photoshop and I only run 2Gb of RAM compared to your 4. :)

And welcome.


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i've had this error myself before, ps7 has memory leaks.

Have you updated it, i believe the updates address this issue.


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Photoshop Update Issues

i've had this error myself before, ps7 has memory leaks.

Have you updated it, i believe the updates address this issue.
I have PS7 set for automatic updates and when I log on many times there are updates that are downloaded automatically. Is there a specific update I need to ask for? Thanks for your help.

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