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Hi i installed photoshop 6 and everything was done ok the problem is that when i opened photoshop for the first time i got this mesg

"you are currently have adobe photoshop primary scratch & windows
primary.....file on the same volume which can result in performance recomended to set to a different voulme.."

what does that mean...

A basic way of putting it is the scratch file is photoshops own "pagefile" it uses it for undo and histogram etc. In preferences just pop it on another drive.

Hi kylie, i dont understand...can you explain or talk me through step by step if you dont mind m8..??
also i just get this mesg when i start photoshop..

Open PS6

Edit - preferences - plugs/scratch - first [make d: ]

thx Kylie what do u mean by first make at wrk so i cant try but to me it sound that i have to mke something by d:..:confused: :confused: :confused:
You dont make anything... get in front of the program and follow..... it will become apparent

you don't even have to do it...photoshop uses it's own sort of temp file as you make changes and apply filters and such...if the temp file and the program are on the same drive it can run slower, unless you are a power user it doesn't matter much so don't worry, but if ya have an extra HD set the swapfile for ps to be on that drive like kylie said :)

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