photos of mars

I wonder if we're there or faking it like some think we did on the moon
I am wondering why b/w photos and not color? When people first went to the moon in the late 60's, they already had b/w photos. When I saw the first color photo from Mars yesterday, I was shocked, you could only see vague stripes of green and red, it was like the photo leaked.
the color are on the way, or here allready

same thing as trying to print a color picture versus black and white on your printer...tons more info, and they wanted to get as quick a look as possible
Hmmm... interesting. I'm waiting for the colored pictures though :D.
I wonder what the green & red photos would like like through 3D Glasses?
Maybe that's it!.......
There's a lab full of people at NASA wearing cardboard specs hehe.
I'm pretty sure I see an outline of jesus somewhere in one of those.

this way, when one turns up, I'll be able to point to this thread and claim the rights to it.

who here thinks they never made it to the moon? I think they did, but since it was broughten up I'm wondering now...
Im not sure if they went to moon.. :confused:

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