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Well ive had my Q (verizon) for quiet some time now, love the keyboard, BUT i will never ever use the data package ( mainly the phone runs faster and more customizable that a reg phone) anyways since most of the new nice pda's require the data plan on verizon, are there any recommendations for a phone/PDA for me within verizon like the q???
Verizon is changing so you have to have a data plan with all pdas. If you are looking for a device with an easy to use OS, I would recommend the Palm Centro. I've had mine for 6 months, and I love it!!! All of the apps are easy to use, the menus are simple, and if you decide to look for 3rd market apps, there are plenty.

Honestly, I started out just using the phone as a phone/calendar/address book, but I've found that the internet at your fingers comes in handy. Plus, the texting is great. Keyboard is on the small side, so I would look at one to see if it fits your fingers. I tend to use the end of my nails to type.


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I love my Palm m500, but it's getting old and certainly does not do the things a Palm Centro can do. One thing I love about my m500 is reading ebooks at night using the backlight. It does not disturb my husband while he is sleeping. I don't know if a Centro is good for ebooks but I am willing to give it a try (when I buy one some day!)
The Centro screen might be too small for eBooks. I would definitely take a look at a store before you purchased one. For eBooks, you would be better with a device that is all screen, like a Touch Pro/iPhone/Storm, etc.

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