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Phoenix Aqua-Jag skin

Thank you all for the kind words.

There will be a new release of Aqua-Jag that addresses the small icon alignment issue as well as vertical toolbar space used. The icons will be resized for this update as well as to reduce the "zooming" effect.

If the apple throbber leaves a "bad taste in your mouth" lol - I am using this throbber as a personal alternative -

For the small icons:



Bow Down to the King
Political User
No disrespect bro. It makes my tables look like crap. If you want to use images in the post just make them thumbnails.

My own personal rule for the themes forum is no images as part of post, unless they are thumbnails.

As for your theme, the latest snapshot looks good. Keep it up.
lol.....ok man, understood. I wouldn't want to mess up your "tables" LOL! - (just kidding) :D - i'll stick to linking, thumbnails would not do it justice.
No really, madmatt - with all due respect. I would rather supply a full size link to my images. I think thumbnails look like crap - worse than crappy tables...........


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