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Phishing IQ Test

Heeter's thread reminded me of this little quiz that I took a couple of weeks ago. Basically, it displays 10 emails and you have to decide whether they're real or fraudulent.

See how you do :)

I was able to get 9/10
Don't read until you take the quiz:

I misjudged the CapitalOne message. It was legit, but I marked it as a fraud. I have a CapitalOne credit card, so I do receive these mails myself. It looked like the real thing, and I was going to select 'Legitimate' but the URL in the status bar of the message window threw me off at the last minute.


OSNN Senior Addict
I got 8 out of 10 correct. I also was wrong on an account I actually have -- Chase.

Thanks for bringing this test to my attention.


The Voices Talk to Me
I got 6 out of 10, I thought too many were phishing attempts. But then again I follow a simple rule, NEVER follow a link via email. I will use my browser and go dirrectly to the site.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Got 10/10, Kind of tricky on some of them but if you read the address bar at the bottom it tells you what domain it's coming from. So you can know if it's legit. If it's ebay.domainnamehere.com, it would be fake and they would be using a subdomain, but if it's sales.ebay.com it should be legit as ebay does have subdomains.


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Whoo hoo....10/10 correct. The link would often give it away, but the specific content of the message really made the difference for me.



Caffeine-->Code Converter
8/10 too....i screwed up paypal (ive no idea how that happened, i use paypal all the time, lol) and washington mutual.

Edit: i see it now, duh, i didnt look at that signup link in the bottom ¬_¬


X2 & Lovin' It
damn i got 80% also but that is good though
when it comes to banking i usually know what is what i mean one should know where they bank and how they perform there online banking right!

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