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pg to mysql and mysql to pg

Dark Atheist

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is it possible ? - people say ot use mysql as its more widely used by web hosts and php scripts (forums et el), but in my tests and advise from other people i have found pgsql to be a bit faster in some situations, and produces smaller databases.

I'm just wondering if you can convert between the 2 and how hard would it be?
as long as you don't use features native to either database engine you can port data across easily.

It's not hard for webhosts to provide pgsql if asked either :)

Most don't install it because most don't know about it being run by 13 year olds and all :)


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... meaning using pg is the l33t database to use because it's less known and only real men use it. Nevermind that MySQL is now owned by Sun. ZOMG SQL Wars! SQLite 4evaaaaa!


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Yes, you were given a straight answer. Databases can be easily converted to one or another. Even if you use native database functions, it would be trivial to write a script to convert your data if you were familiar with both to convert. Unless you need specific database functions not available in one, there really is no reason to prefer one over the other. Both have been used under a lot of performance pressure by many people. Your only real decision is which you prefer.
I'm not certain of this regards mysql 5 as I've not looked at any benchmarks for it, however PostgreSQL was able to sustain many more queries with much more data at lower system resource usage than mysql 3 and 4 when Yahoo and some other big DB user were researching. I believe Yahoo chose mysql in the end though as it better fit their needs.

Dark Atheist

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i may have to side with mysql as a few things i am looking at using are really only supported on mysql even though the sites the scripts are on say otherwise - even talking with some devs who say they will most likely be going full mysql only - so i may as well switch to mysql myself now

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