Petals Around the Rose, lateral thinking game


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12 Jan 2006
Try this:

Without looking on another site, it took me about 40 minutes to finally figure it out. They say however the better at math you are the harder it is to get. Anyways, try it and if you want, post a screenshot to show you got it. But don't tell how to do it if you do!
Re: Petals Around the Rose, lateral tinking game

See, this is a game that I played, you can tell i got it because i have 31 rolls, 31 right, and 31 is my best roll. I didn't miss any, thus it means i win, if you get 10 in a row right it will tell you that you have won. Do yourself a favor, don't look on the internet for the answer...


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Re: Petals Around the Rose, lateral tinking game

Anyone try it yet?
Re: Petals Around the Rose, lateral tinking game

Went to the site but the music on it was killin me lol..
Re: Petals Around the Rose, lateral tinking game

lol, it has music?
Haha, I didnt try it with my sound on :)
Re: Petals Around the Rose, lateral tinking game

Done easily - all you have to do is read (and count!)
But mainly read.
Re: Petals Around the Rose, lateral tinking game

Don't tell anybody :)
Isn't it annoying when you get it?
I had to write down a whole bunch of stuff but it did me no good :)
ok figured this game out... not too hard.. but kind of tricky at first... 100% correct everytime now.
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I got the concept after a few hours.

I still don't get everyone right, I am having problems with some of the rules.
I got the pattern in about 12 guesses, although I agree that its probably harder if your better at math (math is by no way my strongest point, I only got a passing grade in my last main exams that require you to do math)
The direction says "The name is important"
It really is, for those of you who have trouble think about the name.

Steevo, I'll bet you did exactly what i did at first, i took a bunch of numbers and figured out what was a 0,2,4, and 8. However it doesn't work for all of them.
I visited the site for about 20 seconds.

Music was annoying and the game was too complicated for my simple mind, so I left :p
Go back and turn yuor sound off...
By the way, its not a hard game... Once you think of the NAME
It's a piece of cake, but only if you realise how little maths is involved!
math that a 1st grader would use lol...people just make it harder then it really is...this is why its hard to figure out.
Click on "Roll Dice" to start the game. Type in your guess and click on "Accept Guess" to get the result. Then either click on "Roll Dice" for another turn, or simply leave this page to stop playing. Good luck!

I took the latter instruction :D

{simply leave this page to stop playing :p}

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