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What's the deal with this scanner? Everytime I go there and do a scan it finds uber stuff, like keyloggers, trojans, and spyware out the wazoo....

I dig up the info from the site and search for days on my comp looking for these buggers, and they are not there. Adaware SE picks up nothing, norton picks up nothing, S&D picks up nothing, NOD32 picks up nothing.... Manually dig through the registry and see none of the mentioned info.

Does pestscan have that many false positives? Anything else I can try to check?

I really don't want to completely reformat at this time.


we use PC-cillin(趋势科技防毒精灵) 2004 V11.20.0.1325 简体中文版, Trend Micro Pc-cillin Internet Security 2005 and The Cleaner Pro v4.1 Build 4252 in china.
Its driving me nuts. I 'm seriously considering its a marketing ploy by pestscan. Since you have to buy the product to get it to clean what it finds.

Notron, Nod32, tauscan, anti-trojan shield, adaware, Macaffery all pick up nothing, zip, ziltch. But everytime I do a pestscan, its there.

There is nothing the registry related to it (I think), nothing in my win.ini or system.ini, searched for the presumptive installer, and its not there...

I don't want a keylogger on my system. And I have no idea how it got there, I'm behind a router, with fire wall, running two firewalls on my comp, I only have bittorrent which I have used once since I installed it for a DoW patch, I get maybe three emails a day... Windows is up to date.... I'm hoping that with all the security I have, its at least not sending any info out.

Damn trojans, get off my comp!
Well, I dug through their site, and I found a Corporate Edition download 30 day trial. And it removed the problems ( I hope). The online scan now comes up clean. So I don't know....

The keylogger it was finding was system spy v1.00.

I just hope it stays away.


Double O Egghead

a quick search on google showed some people complaining about false positives and I have seen posts where the company stated they were removing the false posities and they are continuing to make the scanner more reliable.

spybot and ad-aware do not detect many things and you need to try bazooka and giant spyware scanners as well

giant has put up an online scanner as well and I highly recommend giant software.

according to a website on google, giant software scanner found things pestscanner found and removed them.

I am doing a pestscan on my computer but it has found nothing so far and is still sccanning.

bazooka spyware scanner is free but only reports what you have,

spybot and ad-aware missed some that this program found and I believe it was due to the fact that those programs could not remove the threats safely and that is why they were not reported.

you also need to know that special monitoring software are not detected as viruses, spyware and trojans and these programs work off exploits found in the operating system

win-spy are great examples of software norton and most major virus and spyware/ad-ware scanners will not alert you to.

also new trojans that are rising such as beast that include dll injection fail to show up on all major scanners once the trojan is operating and the installers are deleted

you will need the latest program called trojanhunter 4 to find a running beast trojan

system spy appears to be a commercial program for win95/98,

additional info,
System Spy v1.00
runs in the background and records the actions of another user by capturing active window titles. Captured information includes the active window title, the times in which the window was opened and closed, and the total time the window was active.
The program is invisible while running, and does not appear on the task list (Ctrl-Alt-Delete).

The captured data is stored in encrypted, dated files, and can be deleted through the System Spy interface, which can only be displayed when a specified text file is opened.

In addition, you can load the program at Startup.

if this was on your computer it would seem that someone with physical access between your chair and keyboard installed it :eek:

hope this helps :)
That's a wealth of info, thanks!

The thing about SS, is that I had none of the registry entries, none of the registered dlls... and the wife already has full access to my computer.

Don't do much on this comp other than play games... If she wanted to see how I did in my last DoW match, she can look over my shoulder :) I was more concerned with losing my CD keys to my games if anything. Especially my HL2 key.

Thanks again for all the information!

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