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I'm looking for an application to have my own personal email server. I don't have a home server or anything but I don't want to have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to godaddy or the like for hosting.

Is it possible or worthwhile? I own a domain that I could redirect to my ip, but then again I have comcast, so again I'm not sure if it will work.


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what are the sizes of mail boxes you offer and are the servers located in london? Would that make it any more difficult? I'm just learning about mail servers now so I'm a little noobie about it?
I provide "no quota" mail boxes. You are only limited by available disk space that is shared by other users of the server. However you will be given a choice of entering a quota if you want one when creating your mailboxes.

My servers are in london.


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sweet. Can I try it out and see if the server location is a problem?
I would really only need like 1 GB if that.

I will PM you the rest...Thanks a lot.


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And what advantages do they have over me? :D
Ehm, let's see. Google is geographically spread out, that means e-mail will almost be guaranteed to be delivered. Their very sweet web interface, they also provide web hosting, calendar hosting, and other sweet deals. Google engineers take care to make sure everything is up and running.
E-mail is guaranteed anyway provided both sending and receiving servers are online within 7 days of an email being sent. I can do webhosting, calendars, etc. I do my best to keep things online as I depend on the stuff too.

There are also stronger data protection laws here in the uk and privacy is a concern with google.

So again, whats the advantage of google over me?


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Google offers email hosting for free. Just choose the family and groups package. You can request a limit of up to 1000 email accounts on signup and if needed request more (has to be approved).

Here's a link:

I use them to host my site's email.
does it use the conversations like in gmail, because I tried to use thunderbird with gmail and the way it imported the email was atrocious. Emails were grouped so weirdly I couldn't tell what was what?

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