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Personal High Tech Toys


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Curious to know what's your best, latest new tech toy to show off to the world. Mine would be a tiny 128MB USB Flash Disk the size of my thumb which slots neatly into the coin compartment of my wallet. Even came with a neckband so I could look perfectly geeky with my new fashion accessory. Can get these up to 1GB in size too.:eek:


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Remember I am old...

so mine could well be my Sony DCR PC120B MDV videocam - complete with bluetooth - so I can take mneaningless hours of holiday video and then do a live web cast from the destination of our choice....

I have to admit - I like yours too - can you get it as a medallion? or is it too small? LOL


Bow Down to the King
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You should all post pictures. =]

I just bought the new Zen NX, 20GB. And my new Alienware Area 51m is on its way, due to be here next week.
I'd have to say my Nokia 3650.

It functions as my:
-Cell phone (obviously ;))
-Camera (actually takes surprisingly good pictures for the web)
-PDA (synchronizes with Outlook via infrared/Bluetooth; pops up reminder alarms based on calendar events)
-Portable game device (it even runs a full color version of Doom, and of course, the classic Tetris)
-Alarm clock (a must-have in university :p)

It's a Series 60 phone running Symbian OS, so there are loads of Java applications that can be downloaded to increase the functionality of the phone. There's one little app that allows you to use the IR transmitter of the phone as a universal remote control for your TV/VCR. Even the Opera browser has a Symbian OS version. :)

The replaceable multimedia memory card (MMC) is a big plus, since you can effectively upgrade the memory of the phone to the size of the largest MMC available (Is it 512MB? Not sure...). More storage space for pictures, videos, ringtones etc.

And lastly (but a very important feature), it's a tri-band world phone capable of functioning with GSM 900/1800/1900 networks. So I can take it with me when I'm out of the country on vacation. :D



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I agree with you madmatt. I have:

* A Palm Tunsten M
* Gameboy Advance SP

And I'll be getting some sort of portable music player soon. Just curious madmatt, for your Zen, do you have to convert your mp3s into some other format first? Or is it just like a portable hard drive, where you just dump all your music and listen?

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