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personal files lost



I’ve just lost over 300 mp3 files and an entire directory (including the folder) full of excel files at the same time. When I turned on my pc I got the following blue screen:
“The index bitmap $130 in file 0x1d is incorrect. Correcting error in index $130 for file 29. The first index entry of length 0x10 is a leaf but it is not in the root.”
This error message immediately followed with another for each of the more than 500 files that was deleted: “Index entry Smashmouth-Then the morning comes.mp3 of index $130 in file 0x1d points to unused file 0x272. Deleting index entry Smashmouth-Then the morning comes.mp3 in index $130 of file 29.”
I’ve checked the HD with a recovery program (in a separate partition) and there are no files to be recovered. I just bought this 256MB Pentium 4 pc with Windows XP, partitioned the 20GB HD with PartitionMagic 7.0, and loaded Norton AntiVirus 2002 to check every file that I transferred over from my old pc. I’ve had the HD replaced once, then recovered from a corrupted registry, and now this, all in one month. These files were all in one partition and there were 2 mp3 files that were not deleted. I ran a full system scan for viruses and found nothing. Do I have a Windows XP problem or what?
it sounds like your MFT got corrupted somehow...did you do any just turning off of the computer or have any errors before this? the reason not all of your files are lost is because NT uses a multiple split MFT system so not all the table will be lost when corrupted


Your comp files got corrupted i guess.....you should do a format unless you have any important settings you don't want to delete. Did you try system restore? It might help....


According to the owner of the store where I purchased the pc the problem was a defective IBM 40GB HD (not 20 gigs like I originally posted). This was the 2nd time the HD crashed so I’ll try a different drive (and a different store). Thanks for the replies.

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