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[Performing Arts] Cirque de soleil - Cirque Dreams


F@H - Is it in you?
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watched this last friday... was a bit busy with stuff so i didn't post it :)

was a thoroughly enjoyable evening... those who know about cirque de soleil know about the performances the people put up...

the show lasted just over 2 hours and was extremely well choreographed... the audience participation was excellent too :) a lot of audience members were asked @ various times to participate in the various activities on and off the stage...

humour and skill were mixed in well and the surreal (dreams... get it? :cool: ) mood/sets and music added to the overall experience...

I got tickets on the cheap to watch this @ the Bass concert hall @ UT austin... brilliant experience... recommend it to anyone interested in these kind of activities :)

I rate it 4/5 OSNN stars...


I appreciate and respect them for not exploiting animals as part of any of their acts but they scare me and some of their stuff is really weird. Plus they are a French circus... :D


F@H - Is it in you?
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it was conceived in south florida actually :)

don't be fooled by the name... its mainly americans in the act with a coupla mongolians (contortionists) and a few others who do some of the high-flying acts... predominantly an american show... :D

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