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Performance Issues

I've had my computer for 2 years, and at the time it was the best out there, it is still now decent but not that great, but it shouldnt be running how it is. I am quite sure it is the video card, and i was looking for a second opinion.

P4 Processor 1.8 GHz
512 MB RAM
80 GB
Windows XP Home
GEFORCE2 GRAPHIC CARD (i feel outdated :p)

If you think its the video card, what would be a good replacment for UNDER $200.

is your card a geforce 2 mx400 if so it is a very slow card i would recomend ati 9600 xt or 9600 pro i heard those are both good cards and not that expensive. I will be buying the 9700 pro or the 9800 pro when i get the money :)
yes its the 400...i remember i was the man when i had that card 2 years ago...how times change...i heard the 9600 xt is the best deal out there for under $200...any other opinions?

If you can get hold of a saphire 9800 pro id go with that for obvious reasons..... its better than the 9600xt. (U might consider one of the 10dollar coolers for it but hey thats only 10 dollars! [dont quote me on the price - i just know u can get the artic coolers here in uk for bout 7 pounds and im estimating!])

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