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Would anyone have a clue why my offline defrag for PD doesn't work? I want to defrag my boot drive offline, since I can't do it in WinXP (cause it can't lock the drive), so I'm forced to reboot to get it done. But as it defrag starts up, around 5 secs later, it just terminates and loads Windows. I check to see if it's done by analysing the drive again, but it states that I still need to do the offline defrag... :confused:

Any help/suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

Electronic Punk

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It used to do this to me, I don't know why it does.
Perhaps dealer or GHayes would know, the latter should ;)

Is this PerfectDisk 5 or 6 ?

Perris Calderon

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couple of things to look at

first, make sure the service is set to manuak,,,then make sure you haven't changed the permissions on the do this;

from the administrastor account, not an administrator, but the administrator...if you have xp home, you can only get there in safe mode

you didn't say weather or not you've changed permission of the drives;

On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.
2. Click the View tab.
3. Click to clear the Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) check box. (Note that you may want to select this check box again when you finish this procedure to help protect the system files.)
4. Click Yes when you are prompted to verify the change, and then click OK.
3. On the File menu, click Properties. Click the Security tab to view the current permissions.
4. Click Add, click System, and then click Add.
5. Click Administrators, click Add, and then click OK. Note that you must click Administrators, not Administrator.
6. Click System, and then click to select the Full Control check box. This automatically selects the other check boxes.
7. Click Administrators, and then click to select the Full Control check box. This automatically selects the other check boxes.
8. Click OK.

the drive needs to give everyone access

also, from the perfect disc interface, right click on the drive, hit properties,,,then hit offline, and put a check mark in those boxes if they arfe not there

then hit the "excluded files"" box, and make sure those are not checked

if that doesn't work, give an uninstall and a reinstall a shot


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Thanks for the reply dealer, but got a problem. I logged on as the "administrator" account, but when I went to the properties of the drive, there was no security tab...
I might add, I've never touched the drive permissions.


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Bah... thanks dealer for the help, but nothing seems to work. Modifying the drive permissions, un/reinstalling... nothing... unless I'm doing something wrong. :(


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Tech support said that the problem was caused by StyleXP from TGTSoft. It was interfering with the boot-time defrag. Looks like it's all working now. Thanks for the help dealer and all.

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