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PerfectDisk 25% Offer & Free Upgrade to PerfectDisk 9

American Zombie

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Purchase any new or additional PerfectDisk 8 licenses with Raxco's 25% year-end coupon code by December 31st and Raxco will upgrade these licenses to the soon-to-be released PerfectDisk 9 absolutely free. This offer does not apply to previous purchases.

Code= PD94FREE

Perris Calderon

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is this that much better then the vista defrag?

the xp defrag wasn't nearly as good as perfect but I'm told the vista is better

I sure wish there was a progress graph and a graph showing free space areas in the native utility though

Perris Calderon

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Let me ask this, will it conflict (i am assuming not) with CCleaner, Spybot, or Defender?
b-man, I'm really surprised you're first looking into defrag now

in any event, don't expect tons of improvement and the only real improvement you'll find is when your hardrive is near capacity or if you can partition individual files...since ntfs, defrags have not meant too much for performance but there are certain things you can do with a defrag that will give you noticeable improvement

for instance, if you want to set up a seperate partition for your internet temp files then defrag that and you'll get some noticeable gain

also, do not set your defrag to run every day like the companies want you to
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You shouldn't be surprised, I learned a long time ago, someone told me, either here or family or who ever, that they are pointless and stupid.

I guess it must of be someone important because I never touched a defrag program since. Now I learn :)


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if you are an existing customer I think it makes things a lot cheaper.. email them and ask.
Its the first time I have purchased from them I was wondering if I had to buy the protection thing for the upgrade, but zombie said it was free so I am assuming not.

Perris Calderon

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I'm reading the feature log of perfect disc and it says it will defrag individual files

would someone be so kind as to defrag the temp internet files and see if it can do that for me?

thanx in advance, am downloading a trial of perfect8 right now


OSNN Veteran Original
I just let it run, and now I can't right click on icons and drag them. Or even just drag them. You know when you try to move a file to another place. Yea does not happen now?

What's the deal?

*edit, I used TweakUI to repair all icons, and now everything works. Why did that happen?

Perris Calderon

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Are you sure, I don't think I did anything else. I will see what happens the next time I use it.

I think it could have been perfect disc, I suppose a tag might have gotten corrupted during the defrag

if it did, that is disturbing and I contacted raxco to come by and comment

used to be greg hayes was a regular visitor and I'm hoping he stops by to help

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