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Perfect Disk Defrag? or not?


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Hi, I've just finished 'defragmenting' a partition on my pc. However, it still shows the outlined fragmented files on the display.

What's the point in having the 'Defrag Only' option if it doesn't do what it's suppose to do? Very Ghey!!!:mad:

Perris Calderon

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if you don't have anywhere to upload, then do what i do.

first, hit the "print screen" button top right on your keyboard.

then, hit windows key+r

past in


then tap into the paint box, hit control+v

then go to file, save as gif

then send that to a zip file

then post an atachment

attachment is not available in quick reply, so hit the reply button


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Well that's the screenie after the defrag. Before defrag would have looked very similar with the white lines around those boxes you see at the bottom.


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I think I'll have to go back to Diskeeper. It's worked better than all the ones I've tried and tested so far.

Just installed PD6 to see if it's any good... but guess not.

Perris Calderon

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your friggin drive is packed!!!...most of those files you ahrdly ever acess

don't you want ot move those files off the box?

anyway, do the offline defrag that the program recomends.

also, right click on the drive, go to properties, take a look to see if any files are excluded

I would definately move those files to a differant drive...the more room you have to defrag the better, and you ahve nno room at all

if you can't move those files to a differant drive, then compress as much as you can since you don't access them much

and don't forget to thank me for the quick screen shot turorial

*polishes fingernails*

Perris Calderon

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also it doesn't look like you have file optimization enabled...again, right click the drive, properties, make sure "smart pacement" is ticked


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ok, thank you for tutorial (although I did that already, just didn't know how to post it) hehe.

um, btw, my question was what's the point in having 'defrag only' option if it doesn't do what it's suppose to?

Perris Calderon

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on that drive, you don't have enough space do do a proper defrag

I'd like to see the screenshot of the drive after you use diskeeper though.

post that when you're done pleeze



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well, in DK it says that I've got at least 26% of free space in that drive so I don't see a problem there.
Surely no one would buy a HD so that they can make sure they leave 50% of it empty. Besides, this is a backup parition, not an OS (or pagefile) partition so there isn't a real big issue really.

I'm defragging with DK at the moment, and it seems to be going smoothly (as expected) :p

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