Pentiums to Celeron, Need quick answer


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1 Mar 2004
I've always had Pentiums in my home PC's, and it has been easy when buying them or seeing them advertised because their processing power/speed is in the name, such as P4. 2.6 Ghz.

However, I will be buying an AMD chip soon. How can I tell the speed/processing power of those chips from their names or can I?

AMD Athlon XP processor 3000+
What does this 3000+ mean, I assume the XP relates to the Win XP.

AMD chips. 2100+ = 1.7GHz approx. 3200+ = 2.4GHz approx.

XP does not = WinXP.
XP is just a model series for AMD chips. Athlon XP as opposed to just Athlon which is an older model series.
What most people tend to relate the model numbers to is Intels own processor speeds.
An AMD Athlon XP 3000+ is said to be of the same performance as an Intel 3.0GHz processor. So an AMD AthlonXP 3200+ is equivalent to an Intel 3.2GHz.

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