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Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz Duel-core or not?


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in my device manager it shows i have 2 Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz CPU's but my computer properties it only shows one 2.79GHz CPU
if i can change it how?


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And therefore they show up as two processors to Windows. Regular Pentium D's do not have Hyper-Threading, only the Extreme version does.


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And for the record, the EE is a bit over-priced and won't really give you much of a measurable benefit that you can take advantage of with today's current applications :)


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The only way to use both cores realistically is to have applications that take advantage of Dual Core CPU's, which are few and far between at the moment.

That being said, if there were applications that were out, your system should utilize them automatically.


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There aren't two CPUs. Windows sees dual core CPUs and CPUs with Hyper-Threading as TWO CPUs when in fact there is only one physical CPU.


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I KNOW that. I'm saying Windows sees Pentium D and/or Pentium HT as two CPUs.

Pentium D EE (965) is both dual core and HT enabled.
so whats the deal with your post saying there aren't 2 cpu's - dual core in intel land means 2 cpu's bolted together on a single package?

However logic has just decided to drop by and suggest to me that thats what you meant...


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Okay, I see how my post was misleading. When I think of dual processors I am thinking of two physical Xeon processors (or Pentium).

i.e. two Xeon processors with dual cores or HT enabled show up as four CPUs in Windows.

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