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pentium prices cut at hand

The chipmaker has planned the price adjustment for desktop Pentium 4 chips for late February, according to sources. It will be the first such cut for these chips since November. The price cuts for the desktop chips, including the top-of-the-line 3.06GHz Pentium 4, will range from about $25 to $50, sources said.

Intel regularly cuts its prices as part of a predetermined plan in which it brings out faster processors and moves its existing chips down in price. The company typically notifies its customers of intended price moves well in advance. In this case, the price move will help make way for a 3.2GHz desktop Pentium 4 chip due out later in the quarter.

These moves will allow manufacturers that now ship desktops with 2GHz Pentium 4 chips to fit them with 2.4GHz chips for the same price. And desktops with 2.4GHz chips will be able to move up to a 2.53GHz chip for the same price.

Meanwhile, AMD is expected to bring out a new Athlon XP 3000+ model early next month. The chipmaker may also cut its prices with the introduction of that chip.

PrOvIDeD bY CnEt--the true blue site
Originally posted by almostfamous88

PrOvIDeD bY CnEt--the true blue site
:p :p :p Sorry, can't help laughing, you said provided by Cnet, true blue site, well in Russian, calling something blue, means it's/he's gay :p :p
in my language, nick means you better hush and not make stuff up. god all you say are insults thinking that your all cool or something.... sheesh get a life, besides ntfs.


come on almostfamous, that was a bit harsh.

People have the right to express views and opinions, yeah your right, not in a hardware thread, but still!?!


You all need to stop the flaming and get this back on topic or I will close it. Play nice.

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