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Hi, i have a Pentium II running at 450mhz (as it was when I purchased it), how fast can i clock it without blowing it apart?

In BIOS I have speed easy cpu, which will allow to clock to 750mhz, is it safe to do this, without installing a new fan?
Depends more on your motherboard and your cooling setup than anything. My suggestion would be don't bother. If you're going to overclock, do the research and start from scratch on a non-essential computer.
A P2 at 750 mhz? I've never heard man....Anyways...P2 450 runs on 440BX chipset(argh, I hate BX) which was the only way back then to raise fsb to 100mhz(I might be a little wrong on the history tho, sorry if I am). So, 450 mhz with 100 fsb and 4.5x multiplier. I've heard of OCing the fsb to 133mhz, ~600mhz(598.5)...or you cud try raising multiplier to 5x but this will not increase performance nearly as much as OCing FSB....anyways, u need a lotta lotta cooling for this...and I suggest keeping your case open.

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