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Pentium D 940 Running at 58c under folding.


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Is this too high and what is the highest safe temp for this processor?

I'm thinking the thermal paste needs to be replaced as the fan is working fine at at 2400 rpm

Edit ok so turned folding off and my cpu temp dropped 7c, can folding damage my cpu running at that speed and temp all the time.

This only came up because my computer just crashed and i think it was either a heat issue or my cpu doing too much, admittedly i was asking a lot, i was capturing from my DV deck, running folding and copying 20gbs of files to another pc.


Well it looks like this machine is taking the proverbial sh1t, it just bluescreened and restarted on me, the bios shows the temp as 59c but the intel monitoring program within windows was only showing it as 53c.

CAN someone please get back to me on this, i cant lose this machine.
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Shamus MacNoob

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When it bluescreens and reboots you need to see the stop error message so turn off the auto reboot and look at the bluescreen and get some info.


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i'll have to do that tomorrow, i just turned both machines off, i think i need to reposition the pc's the're too close to the wall probably overheating.

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