Pentium 4 Williamette & RAMBUS

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May 12, 2002
I'm trying to overclock my system. Programs tell me that I have a 1.5ghz & the maximum speed is 2.0ghz.

My memory is rd ram pc800 400mhz.

On the first attemp through the bios I lowered my ram frequency from 400 to 300 & slowly got the cpu from 100 fsb to 132-3 fsb. That bought it up to 2.0ghz & the ram up to 399mhz.
The system was only stable for 2 to 3 hours then it would reboot. No matter what I raise the fsb to it will still reboot.
Gave up & set the ram back to 400, the fsb to 100.

This is what I have done now:
Slowly raised the fsb to 118. Left the ram at 400mhz. Once booted to windows the cpu is running at 1.77ghz. The system is running very stable. The thing that concerns me is that the ram is up from 400mhz to 472mhz. Is this anything to worry about? Can it go higher? I know the cpu will get to 2.0ghz (not sure about stability) but what about the rising mhz on the ram?

Sensors tell me that heat is not an issue as it is running in the mid 30's C.


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Feb 3, 2004
Same system

I had the same system 1.5 willy 640mb rdram on an ASUS p4t and all I could ever get stably was 1.76. I think that's about par. Willamettes don't overclock well in my experience.

Gary Pandher

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Mar 9, 2004
i have a feeling its hotter then u think it is
and the williamette cores dont clock that high so dont expect to much ..even doubting 2 ghz..

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
May 12, 2002
Seem to have got the hang of this overclocking.

I'm running at fsb 120 giving me 1.8ghz, rd ram is 480mhz. Over at overeclockers I've seen a few with similar systems get the thing to 2.0mhz plus.

I will have to look into better cooling though as I push it up some more.

Thanks. :)

btw Welcome to the forums royalt1217.

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