Pentium 4 northwood 2.5ghz


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6 Dec 2001
Hey everyone..if ya get a chance go to and then click on the link to the review and comparison of the new p4's to the athlonXP 2000+

What it basically shows is that even at 2ghz the pentium still gets BEAT by the athlonXP running at a mere 1.67mhz...whats even more interesting is when they overclock the p4 to 2.5 ghz and show you the number increases and you see that the athlonXP still won alot of the tests LOL

2.5ghz losing to 1.67! long live AMD and lower prices to boot! the pentium scored only a few % higher in 3dmark and in most games by a few frames..but nowdays the videocard has become the bottleneck so it doesn't matter really...only interesting thing was the athlon walloped the p4 in RtCW by like 20 frames? which is odd since the p4won the wuake test and they are built on the same engine ah well

I wanna see a comparison of a 2.5ghz against my athlon XP 2100 :)
Really sad since the P4 is faster with Athlon style DDR memory...

You gotta love Intel...
I know! I mean it's a shame they don't think let's see 5 jillion stage pipeline...means ya get one error and have to flush all 5 billion stages...they need to either vastle improve their predictive branch logic...or shorten the pipeline and take the clock hit..because no matter how high you ramp it, each flush eats more cycles then speed can recover
yes, but they did not fix the problem at all, the site I mentioned was comparing the new 2.2ghz to an athlonXP!! There is no real way for them to fix the problem unless they lower the pipeline or get better branch prediction...there only solutions so far are make it faster...and throw more memory at it to supplement data into the now all that happens is the piple flushes faster heh
They won't lower the pipeline... The pipline is what's going to let the PIV hit 3gigs while the current Athlon won't...

As long as most consumers simply look at MHZ as an indicator of cpu "speed" then they won't have worry about it. And AMD will be behind...

Their new naming scheme is already working... I can't get it through to some people that the "1600+" doesn't mean it's a 1600mhz CPU...
I know, and you don't know how many of my clients think the XP means it was ESPECIALLY for winxp LOL...ehy whatever keeps AMD sales up keeps me happy I love those guys *sniff*

and once amd goes to .13 micron i'm sure their clock speed will also increase...not to 3ghz, but still enough to wallop a 3ghz heheh

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