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Pentium 4 2.4b (533fsb)

Due to an upgrade to an 2.4c i have my 9 month old 2.4b (533fsb) cpu for sale it has only been in 1 system and not overclocked (due to sis chipset on motherboard corrupting hard drive).

The cpu is provided without a cooler and is in as new condition i wish to sell quickly due to overspending:eek: i am asking ...

75 pounds for a quick sale....buyer pays postage (recorded delivery) UK only.

Cpu retails for 120 +
Well its in the local paper on saturday afternoon so if anyone wants it (its still for sale) get it quick....and if its like my windows disc i sold this hopefully will be a quick sale.
Originally posted by Unleashed
Oooo, I might be interested in that. Let me get back to you, but I think you may have a buyer.
Sorry could not wait any longer *SOLD* to a Youth with plenty of cash....ah i remember those single days;)....before the wife.

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