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Penguin - Ice Cream


Smokin & Jokin
A penguin is taking a road trip when his car suddenly breaks down.
Luckily for him, he finds himself just down the street from a mechanic, so he pushes his car to the shop and asks the mechanic to take a look.
The mechanic tells him that it will probably take a little while to find the problem and asks him to come back in an hour. The penguin goes over to the supermarket buys some fish sticks and vanilla ice cream and spends the rest of the hour hanging out in the frozen section.
After the hour is up, he waddles over to the mechanic's shop. Seeing him come in, the mechanic walks over and wiping his hands on a rag says, "Looks like you've blown a seal." The penguin blushes, wipes his beak with his flipper and says "No, it's just vanilla ice cream."

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