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Peer Networking Grouping service isn't running


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Hey all,
I've seen there are many search results for this topic on google, but none has really helped me in figuring this out.
On my laptop, I had this issue turn up where Peer Networking Grouping service wasn't running. There was one time I had it as an issue and using the troubleshooter fixed it no problem. In late December, I went on a trip. In that time, I was at a place that people were using Windows 7 and apparently their homegroup was considering me as the host for it. I simply disconnected myself from the network, fixed their issue, came back on and nothing seemed to be wrong. When I came back from my trip, I had the issue of the topic pop up. I figured it had to be because of the issue with the Homegroup at the place I was at. I was however able to have a semi-workaround where on a microsoft tech site that if deleting this certain file related to peer networking grouping, stopping the service, reboot and restart it would work and it didn't fix the peer networking group service, but it did let me do this method of using the Troubleshooter for 2 seconds which would then let me see the homegroup computers on the network.

Over on my new desktop, Windows 7 has been installed no more than 2 weeks, and suddenly it has the issue appear. That one, I have no real idea what happened to cause it. The difference here is that the laptop will not be shown on the homegroup section even with the method mentioned above.

On my Old desktop I was getting ready to format and it hasn't had that issue appear. Now it can see the homegroup of the new desktop no problem, but can't see the laptop.

However, in all instances, all of them can be accessed through the Networking section. So obviously, they are not completely gone from the network.

I figure that maybe I could turn to you all to see if there is an actual solution to this instead of hopelessly searching google with forum results either not answering or not fixing the issue at hand.
almost nobody needs the service running really. Windows peer-to-peer networks will work just fine without it.

My recommendantion is to disable all services related to homegroup and just let windows get on with its usual TCP/IP peer-to-peer networking that homegroup sits on top of anyway.


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hmmm? So Homegroup could run without peer networking group service? If so, if I was to disable it, would I need to do anything else to get it to run through the other method you mention? Just to me, it is easier doing the homegroup usage instead of the "My Network" method.
no, homegroup won't work without it but it won't impair your ability to share files, folders, printers, etc. It'l just need a few more clicks of the mouse.


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Bah. Ok. Thanks. Darn you Microsoft! You make a better OS and then you fail me with a simple feature I really like.

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