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Looking for a PDA for my sister as a Gift. She starts college next year. She has a Laptop and I was thinking a PDA is a great gift.
I was looking at the Compaq, Sony, Hewlett Packard and the Cassiopeia .
I don’t use one so I was wondering do I get one with the Palm OS or Windows OS ? I was looking at the Cassiopeia BE-300 it was really priced well but then I read it has its own Os, and I am assuming that there is not a ton of software made for it, I almost got the Compaq but you also have to buy an extra sleeve to add memory. The Hewlett Packard looked great but it was around $600 dollars and that seemed quit high for a PDA, I could add a few more bucks and get her a new laptop for that kind of cash, Is it worth it? Now I’m just confused.

PDA Users please give me your options. I would love to know what you use and if you like it!!

Thanks :)
Look into one with the PalmOS... I have a old IIIe and a IIIXe and there's software for just about anything...

The Sony Clie are priced good and the Handspring Visors have an epansion slot to change from a MP3 player to a phone to anything in between... If you want color then The Handsprings the way to go there too... The screens better than the Palm IIIc
Yea I was thinking color...Handspring Visors Mp3 Player, Phone , that sounds cool I didnt even look at them, Im checking it out now!
The backlighyt on the sony clies are far and away better than anyone elses's
If you go for the sony be aware that the supplied software DOES NOT WORK WITH XP !!! You must update it from the Sony website and from truesync.com
I'd like to hear from anybody that has one... From what I've read over a period of time it seems the Windows CE OS is waiting to die... It never got good reviews because it was too complex for a PDA... And MS decided this was the last try for it... If it doesn't take off this time that's it...

I read that a few months ago,,, It could be differnet now...
So does that mean they are going to stop making them with the Windows OS...I would like to know 2 now Im more confused that ever..Thanks MiseryQ

I really like the sony Clie but I think their memory sticks are totally overpriced.

Now what? :confused:
The memory sticks are overpriced... I have a Sony Digital Camera...

I like the Handsprings... They seem to be the best compromise...

Doing a Google search for Windows CE will gewt you all sorts of stuff...

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