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pda cant get internet from wireless router


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hi, i got an O2 xdaii with the sdio wifi card. my dsl-g604t router can be detected by it, but it wont assign an ip for it. just stays even tho i manually set one. well i used a program called pocketWiNc and i can indeed see the signal strong @ 90% and it can see my wep but in the internet section its blank. any ideas? and yes i tried it without anything so its an open connection. still didnt work. :(



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The xda2i needs a wifi card?? I thought the wifi was a built-in funtion on the machine. :(
Man, that'll put me off getting the device this summer.


My Yngy is My HoneY!
emm nono the xda2i has wifi, its the little older brother the xda2, that doesnt. :(. its abit troublesome if u ask me cuz the sd card is like sticking out at the top a bit. i say get the xda2i ming, but i think just check with your wireless router for cmpatibility before u do. cuz mine now i can see the network clearly, but it wont give me an ip, and wont let me go to net. i sent everything, manual ip, dns. hiaizz.. there goes 120 pounds worth of nothing.

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