PCTV RAVE Video Capture Card


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6 Jan 2004
Anyone had any experience with this card? i bought it on Saturday and it looks like i will be returning it tomorrow. Could not get it to recognise channels( I have NTL Cable) Only Composite and S Video but the main proble is no sound.
Pc has cm18738 onboard sound card set to 5:1 Any help appreciated
you have the cable connected from the audio out on the tv card to line in on the pc, and line in is not muted in recording properties in the sound control panel?.
What gOnZo said about the audio (external jumper cable should have come with it) and make sure the source select is set to Cable not antenna. My card was set to cable and it took me a while to figure out.

Also, check whether it is set to get input from the coax input or the svideo input.

Also, my card has a select for European or USA TV standards. Make sure that's set right.
thank u both for ur comments the solution turned out to be connect to scart skt audio leads and connect to soundcard line in, will keep card and try its other functions thanx again

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