PCTV Pro problem


12 Jan 2002
A friend of min bought a Pinnacle PCTV Pro tv card the other day. But there's a problem. The card seems fine, except there's no picture. He get's sound and when he chooses channel surf, all the small pictures from each channel appear. But when he selects a single channel for viewing, just black.

Anyone heard of this?

His computer is fairly new and Intel based, the graphics card is a Radeon (9200 or 9600). It's running XP.

Sorry about the lack of details, I haven't seen the thing "in action". ;)
I have a Pinnacle Rave TV card with the latest drivers. After about four months of trying to get it to work under XP Home I gave up. The drivers just won’t work on my machine even though no errors are reported.

If these drivers and applications work with your card write to Pinnacle as I have done: -


Remove the Pinnacle drivers and applications and then use their registry cleaner or the uninstall won’t work properly.

Ok, thanks, I'll try that. :)

Strangest thing though, my brother has the same card under XP and it works like a charm...

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