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PCTel AMR Modem not detected



Hi Folks,
I first installed XP Pro as an upgrade to SE, with the modem already installed and working - after the upgrade it worked fine. Then a few days ago, my main machine'e MB fried, so I had to change over to my secondary machine. Decided to "fix" some problems the OS was having by doing a clean install.

Now, from a clean install, XP doesn't see the modem. The modem likes to be on COM3, which I have tried adding in manually, with no luck. I have another Com3 modem (win-modem) that is detected just fine, but you know the problems with win-modems - I'd much rather use the AMR modem.

I did once get it installed, but it "had a problem", according to XP and didn't function.

Any idea's?



Actually, I have been fairly impressed with the AMR modems - unlike win-modems, my system doesn't hiccup when it comes online.

Money is an issue - if it wasn't, I'd just replace my main systems MB and use my ISA modem (a beloved dying breed) - not waste money on an external :rolleys:, but this other board doesn't have ISA slots, so stuck with the AMR or Win-Modem. And of the two, I'd prefer the AMR...

Still wanting help :)


OSNN Addict
I have that same damn modem...

and I could never get it to work under XP.

I even found the (??correct??xp??modemspecific??) drivers on the
pctel site, but try as I might, I could never get XP to acknowledge the damn things. I was not even able to override anything. I could see the drivers but they would not install.

I gave up and bought a cheapo pos modem (backup).
So far my home LAN (with linksys router) has been working great.

If you figure out a way to get the damn drivers installed I would sure like to hear about it


As I said in the beginning post, it DID work in XP, but only because I had originally installed SE, and then just did an upgrade. The modem rocked - real clear as an answering machine and no system hiccups as it connects and disconnects.

Will keep you posted if I learn anything.


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