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Feature - My PC Specs

Maybe consider adding a "PC Specs" function to be placed in either the member's PROFILE or like they do on the Guru3D forums, it would be nice either way.

Maybe consider removing the profile picture spot and put this in, you'd not have to worry about hosting images then, just the text for the PC Specs.
There we go, I've got an example in my profile of how you could do it but it would be easier for everyone if it was just text since not everyone can do that. The chances of people uploading a different image would probably be less likely than people using it to post their specs.

It took lots of tweaking to fit all that information in 150 by 150.


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its simple enough to include your specs m8...

just make a sig and post your specs... like myself and many others have done...


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We did have Specs in our profiles back on vBulletin 2, We're waiting until vB3 goes final before adding it again though.
Yer what SPeedY said...We did have it previously and it did work.
Plus it cleaned up the sig situation a bit to boot! -
I believe that was the reason behind [e]-punk implementing it in the first place.
Hopefully it'll return, before the sigs get too bloated again ;)


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Electronic Punk said:
Yeah, I will think about what specs hacks are floating about once vb3 goes final.
Do you mean like as in Belarc Advisor - personally I think an automated spec gatherer would be cool, and best in profile rather than sig since it saves clutter and hassle if it can be gathered automatically - after all these machines are meant to make life easier, no? :confused: ;)

Electronic Punk

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well there are security issues with those I fear.
I prefer to do my own tho, as I can lie and claim I already have a 128bit processor.
It's very nice.


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Can We have an option of not to view the specs as well though.. I've already turned off Avatars and sigs becuase I prefer pure bones board views. If you can turn that field off to view that would be brilliant.


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"Science project" -- :p

I noticed a new hack, but don't want to give it away... all in the name of science of course. ;)

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