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Look at it. Then find the thread from last week where I posted pictures showing the relative position and size of PCI-e, PCI and AGP video card slots.


Wow, I found it fast. Someone left it lying out in plain site.

It is set about 1/4 inch further in from the back of the MB than the PCI card. An AGP slot sits about 1 inch further in than a PCI slot.


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Checked it out, still confused,

my motherboard Asus A7V8X-X AGP or PCI-E, or what

just got it....

1 x AGP 8X
6 x PCI


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now I'm wondering, i have that motherboard, does anyone know of a cheap motherboard pretty much the same but supports PCI-e?


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man I doubt that - I have the same, and it was back before PCI-expres was pretty much thought of..... you can do better....

I suggest taking a fresh approach and specifying a PCI-Express system from the bottom up, no reason to even consider your Asus board as part of the equation that I can see.....
does anyone know of a cheap motherboard pretty much the same but supports PCI-e?
if cheap and PCI express are your only criteria...

look for boards made by BIOSTAR, PCCHIPS, ASRock, or ECS, but be warned, these boards have the highest return rates. My son works in a Computer store and he says probably 80% of the RMAs he processes are for boards made by these companies.


But I would go with a better quality board made by ASUS, MSI, ABIT, Gigabyte or Soltek

Sounds like you experience level isn't real high so I wouldn't suggest a high end board for you. Instead, try to stay with boards costing between $80 to $100. These are usually well made boards with the features most people want\need.
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Thanks for the help, but don't appreciate you insulting my intellegence. I do know enough, I asked a simple question.


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I'll assume that remark was directed to me - don't worry I insult everyone's intelligence equally, including my own.

I'm headed the way pseudokiller went no doubt..... :dead:

On a quick memory refresh - remember LoctOut thought you inexperienced and you are really acvting weird to even mention it....
Sounds like you experience level isn't real high...
You see he is right - it looked that way to me too... I mean, like I said I have the same mobo and a subsequeent Neo2, but I know that PCI-Express came out after the Asus was discontinued and was only just moving into production as the Neo2 was being made. If you know what a PCI is, what a Bus is, what an AGP is and how they interact then you are getting the smarts here - google and read and do not be so sensitive. The guy was giving you some very good advice bang on topic, IMHO.

I'll try getting back to topic - now that you know you do not have a PCI express enabled mobo, what made you look for one? Contemplatig a new system build and starting your spec from the graphoics card backwards? (Just a wild guess that last)....
but don't appreciate you insulting my intellegence
I was not trying to insult your intelligence and I apologize if you took it that way. I was commenting on your experience level, which from your posts would indicate you have not had a lot of experience with computers. You should not be offened at that. We are all noobs at some point and we are all capable of learning.

Keep posting here and asking questions and you will learn and gain knowledge, and one day be able to help others. And sometimes when you help someone you'll be saying to yourself "Wow, I remember when I didn't know anything about that and someone on the forums was patient with me and helped a lot".

The advice I gave you, however, is still valid. I was only trying to help.


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I have been around here a long time, I know much about computers. Maybe even more then you, I just ask questions to be sure.


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