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PCI Express motherboards...

Hi...I was wondering if the newly released PCI Express motherboards will be the standard for a few years to come... i.e. boards accommodating BOTH PCI Express and the current PCI...I suppose my question is will there be FULL PCI Express boards in the near future or will they always have both? - Is PCI Express SOLELY for graphics? :confused:



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Well anyone correct me if I'm wrong but If im not mistaken I believe pci express is the new agp. Eventualy agp will be phased out along with atx motherboards. Since they are planning on moving on to BTX motherboards which basically is just a revamp of ATX. The cpu is will at the bottom and the pci slots on top for cooling apparently. Anyway, I'm getting carried away lol, to answer your question...yes I believe pci express will be the new graphics port standard for years to come


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I am not trying to correct you, but I believe ahilst initially it will only apply to graphics cards because they have the greatest need for the bandwidth the fact is that other applications can also benefit from that bandwidth. Video cards, audio, with emergence of higher standards (beyond 80211.g) networking even - all of these can take advantage. So I think graphics cards are driving something that will eventually be taken up and maybe in ten years time they will give up making PCI because it is just simpler to stick with the new standard.

Personally I will not be rushing into this because the markup on the Express is just too much for me right now... But that's me... I'm more excited by soem of the dual process configs coming out - I can see a future where you build one rig and it has enough power for the whole household to tap in and be doing what they want to... they'll just have very very thing client wifi systems.... think along those lines and you can rapidly appreciate PCI Express might be needed on everything (everyone playing music etc etc)

Just my thoughts - I am sure I could be corrected by those more technically minded who have read up equally...


from what I have read PCI express will be te wave of the future but it doesnt seem to be preforming that well against standard hardware. Right now its not worth the price differences to actually switch. Till hardware catches up and fully utilizes it it wont be worth the upgrades


I have PCI Express on a test computer that I have and from what I've seen, I have to agree with PseudoKiller. At this time, I don't see a huge difference. Maybe in the years to come. :cool:
PCI-E 20 is scheduled to come out by the end of the year with the new Nforce chipset. Not to mention SATA-300. So that should bring about some other hardware changes like matching SATA-300 drives. But one thing is for certain, at the rate of change in this industry, it's not safe to say anything is going to be the standard for years. I'd say 1 to 2 years tops. Things can change too much. Think about it within 1 year, PCI-E, SATA, AMD64. Dual Layer DVD, 8-16x DVD+R, Multiple AMD64 socket changes, as well as Nforce changes. I can't even think of everything that's become mainstream items. And when I say these things, I mean has hit the average retail consumers purchasing ability. Like say via a dell, or company like that. For the average smart shopper, we've had these things for a long time.


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I remember reading an artical in PC Pro about how a Pentium 4 3.06GHz Prescott BTX style performs like a Pentium 4 2.0-2.5 (can't remember exactly) GHz CPU. I think it just needs to evovle and they need to Iron out the bugs and sort out the software. I'd also like to see AMD pushing the BTX standerd...

My ATX PC (specs in sig) is fine for day to day use. So this is going to be lasting me a few years and with these CPU adapters and SATA cards coming out gives me no compeling reason to upgrade.
Not Really there is one on the market form ECS wich has a agp slot this is for those of you that cant afford the full setup PCI express board and cpu and GFX pci-express

heres info on the ECS here:)

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