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PCAnywhere Question


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I have a question about PCAnywhere. Can I start/stop any programs on my PC from any remote PC? Can I limit what PCanywhere can operate on my PC from a remote PC? As in not see some folders/Files?




Never used PCAnywhere, but you could encrypt whichever folders/files on your machine you don't want the remote PC to access.


Overclocked Like A Mother
I think my family and I will be going half/half on this software. Our intent is to allow him to have access to move around, re-organize and download/upload several folders and files located in/to my file server, as well as start or stop a few programs. But on the same token, they don't need to have access to the whole computer. Is there any freeware out there that might be able to perform the same functions as PCAnywhere?



a recco I got from this board once was to use TightVNC. I was wanting to get to my docked laptop that is on a shelf above my head without standing up to see the screen from my desktop and this fit the bill nicely. you could use it and have the user log into his own account on your server and that way you can control the permissions just like he was using the server locally. the only issue was that I could not use it to get my laptop through the corporate VPN, once the connection for the VPN was made the TightVNC program connection was dropped. I have this wacky idea that one day I am going to get a server with a 802.11b card and after setting it up locally I am going to stick it in a closet or a basement or something and just check on it verynow and again with TightVNC, it will be pretty cool to have a box where the only connection would be the power cable. To bad it would be slower than all get out though.
oh yeah its free also.

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