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PCanywhere Over ADSL?


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Hi all, I was just wondering, I need a solution to a problem,

I am at work with a 512 connection, at home I have a 512 connection. at home I have a router sharing connection wired access with 4 pc's it allows port forwarding so getting a connection to my machine shouldn't be a problem. now, what program should I use, seeing as I can use dial-up and nor would i want to when i have 512 to dessipate at both ends. what would you guys recommend, i want something that is very fast and just lets me remote my home pc from work without hassle, i know terminal services would be good but i can't be buggered to do that..



XP-erience Oldie
ok downloaded realVNC, seems to be what i want, so how i go about this, rite i will leave my laptop on at work, the network here has a fixed IP, so that will be easier, my internal ip on office network is, the router has fixed ip, so what port do i have to forward to this laptop in order to vnc it? will leave it in my drawer left on tonight and try to connect to it from home, so tell me how i go about this... considering both machines are on internal networks


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